We have some exciting news to share about Old Time Strength UK (and Gym) which completely remodels how we'll be working in future. This is more a placeholder and to confirm a few things which I might have missed in the video below:


Old Time Strength UK will no longer sell tacky, remover, smelling salts or muscle rubs

You might have now seen the announcement from Cerberus Strength... if not, look here:


After inventing the tacky in 2015 we always wanted to reach as many people as possible across the entire world to share how wonderful and amazing the product is. Cerberus asked us to make tacky for them back in 2019 and since then the product has grown in popularity and expanded to 4 grades for all weathers and environments.

This deal now means all of our tacky range & recipes will be made available to buy from Cerberus. This includes several blends currently in development. In other words, Cerberus will be the only company we make tacky for and our own business closes.

This is an exciting time for Old Time Strength UK which means we can grow the business under the Cerberus banner and continue to instil the same single goal we had from 2015... make the best atlas stone tacky in the world.

For Cerberus; they will continue to sell the same 4 Grades with the exact same quality. But they will have more flexibility for their customers, more control over their stock levels and a UK based inventor committed to continued quality for their product range.

For Old Time Strength UK customers it means that you now have a world class company handling all of your orders giving you timely updates and a customer service experience we simply cannot match as a home based manufacturer. But you will still have the same world class tacky you deserve and expect from the same people you bought from before.

For Old Time Strength UK as a business, it means we can dedicate our time to stocking Cerberus shelves without all of the admin that has existed within the current business and unsustainable with just two people (me & Kerry). We won't be ceasing our customer experience completely as we still have other products we will be selling which are not (yet) part of the Cerberus business plan.

Thank You

We're certainly not going anywhere and you'll see new products from us this year. But we still want to thank people who helped make this possible.

Firstly big thanks to Dave Meer & Mikey Lane for inspiring us to get the initial product off the ground.

Big thanks to Simon Johnston & Gareth Crow for testing out my inventions. The insights gained during our sessions was invaluable.

Grateful as always to Clint Darden for always believing in the brand and pushing us constantly to be better.

Massive props to Tom Stoltman for trying us out and then becoming our good friend taking the tacky all around the world and beating anyone who stood in his way. I need to say no more... he's been amazing for us. Massive praise to Kerry (@ltd.editionstrength) for taking the time to pack orders, deal with our customers and handle all of the admin parts. She's invaluable to the business.

Most of all thank to you everyone who bought our tacky & supported everything we tried to do. Where we got it wrong, we quickly put it right. Where we got it right, we made it better. Where we made it better, it became our standard.

We hope you're as happy for us as we are any time you buy our product, repost on instagram, send us your photos of your lifts, you hit a PB or just take the time to chat to us.

Forever grateful & in your debt,

Vin & Kerry, Old Time Strength UK


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