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We are delighted to announce that Old Time Strength UK has reached an agreement with Cerberus Strength to become their manufacturer for tacky, remover, smelling salts, liquid chalk & other exciting products.

We have produced these products for a couple of years whilst also selling our own range of merchandise. However, to ensure our amazing products reach a worldwide audience it was a natural evolution & a very welcome partnership to become further affiliated with Cerberus.

Cerberus are a customer and lifter focused company who design, develop and sell incredible products to support everyone from new lifters to world class athletes. Based in Scotland, the two owners (Calum & Pete) have created a real powerhouse which is growing every year. We’re very proud and honoured to work with them and their team.

The tacky started off the process for us in 2015 in terms of disrupting the market; from 2017 we went strength to strength and ended up developing tacky for world class athletes to set world records. Our custom blends are as famous as our dedication to our customers.

With this deal we feel our customer base is getting the best of all worlds; they still get to use our amazing products but they get a first class service from Cerberus all around the globe. But you’ll also get to see me writing and vlogging more which I’m asked to do all of the time.

A massive amount of credit needs to go to Kerry Jones of Ltd Edition Strength who is the heartbeat of OTS & allows me to do the inventing. But also, she helped rebuild this business after a house fire destroyed everything that I had built. Without her, OTS is not what it is.

We’d like to thank all of our customers for their service, dedication, support and feedback. It has been a real pleasure to serve you all. But we’re not going anywhere. You can expect more content, advice, videos and engagement from our team through Cerberus which could only happen with this deal.

We’ll hopefully have more announcements over the coming weeks with some changes to Old Time Strength Gym coming in to support and consolidate our Cerberus partnership.

What this means for you is that you're able to buy every Old Time Strength product from Cerberus direct & take advantage of their immense customer service record, deals and specialist focus. We'll now concentrate on production and creating content that will help the present and next generation of lifters.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart & I look forward to ensuring you all have the best products, advice & support through your lifting journeys.

Vinny & Old Time Strength UK Ltd

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