New Start

New Start

As we move into the second quarter, a few things were made clear about Old Time Strength as a brand. I had long set about creating an instantly recognisable, go to place for all types of Strongman assistive equipment be it smelling salts, tacky, remover etc. 

We want to focus on our more niche products with a global appeal and this meant restricting our logo to fit in more with what a retail customer would expect.


The new logo is borne out of a love for a strong, stone type quality which will look great on t-shirts and any other branding we choose to develop. It represents the core of our foundational product which was Atlas Stone Tacky. 


We will continue to make "niche" tacky products but this will center around the development of new and product ranges as I learn more about chemical bonds and suchlike.

We will be the forerunners of new innovations in this area with our core business moving somewhat away from the standard tacky product we do.

Smelling Salts

These are the best in the world because we don't just put cotton wool in a bottle and add ammonia. Anyone can do this. And they do. You might find the odd variation where someone puts in eucalyptus with the blend but this reduces the strength of the ammonia through dilution and the impact of the eucalyptus is lost anyway however faint the aroma.

The lack of understanding about the science behind it means people just throw it together in a bottle without any real thought.

Check out our new ranges when we launch because these are genuinely different, no-one else makes them and they are simply more interesting than being hit in the face with pure ammonia.


We will continue to invest in the gym, make it a welcoming place for people to attend on Saturdays for our Open sessions (which cost £5). During the week we continue to allow the focus to be on the athletes training as full time members as they all have specific routines they follow and I don't want this disturbed by random drop ins.


We all have a lapse from time to time. We all face a struggle we do not think we can overcome. Motivation is hard to find in a depressed state. I try to find little things to focus on. Tiny goals add up. So I refocused my efforts on just getting back into a training routine to follow, spending time with my son, restructuring the business and then working on ways to increase knowledge of what we do.

I want to thank the Old Time Family for their consistent support and unwavering confidence in the things I introduce to them. Their honesty and feedback is always something I take onboard and I want to reward them with more time.

Strongman Goals

When I started, I didn't have a goal. I didn't know how good I could be at it. 3 surgeries in the last 3 years dampened my enthusiasm somewhat. But I've renewed my focus but am taking into account I am 38 this year, don't have a long training history and perhaps need to look at the Masters Comps at some point as my focus. 

I have competed this year and was a point off winning. That's only 4 months after bicep reconstruction. With a bit more time under the bar, I'll be back to my best and I'll see where my body takes me.

My next comp is in May at Liverpool's Strongest Man 2020 and I think I'll be the oldest guy there by nearly 10 years. It's never been something I've thought about. I still feel like a 20 odd year old in my head. Time waits for no man it seems. Either way, I'll be determined to have fun and see how I do.


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