OTSG Training Series

Strongman/Strongwoman Training Series: Farmers Walk


The Farmers Walk was first seen at World’s Strongest Man in 1983 but was known as the Fergus Walk. The weight in 1983 was an unbalanced 80kg and with thick handles causing all kinds of embarrassing drops. This was an endurance event for sure with distance being the goal rather than speed.

The tradition of holding a piece of equipment can perhaps go back to rotavators...

But more likely invokes experiences of this:


The Exercise

The farmers walk would appear...

Strongman/Strongwoman Training Series: The Yoke


One of the oldest strength events in history, the "yoke" consisted of a pole with contraptions or receptacles attached to either end creating a "bridge" across the shoulders. Useful for carrying items long distances where grip was a limited factor in indeed weight. Possibly the first piece of genuine strength engineering equipment advances in the sport. 

First used in 1977 at World's Strongest Man for carrying fridges and then in 1993 for carrying cars.Today, we use frames fashioned out of steel tubing and The Super Yoke was born...