Athlete Profile: Dan Eccles

Name: Dan Eccles
Nickname: Eccles cake
Instagram name: No insta, @ecclescakepower (Facebook)

How did you get into lifting?

I had been training for a while but was mostly interested in getting stronger. I knew someone that was already doing powerlifting, so I started training with him and just progressed since then.

Your best attributes?

Ambition, determination, reliability

Most frustrating thing you've encountered?
Picking up small niggling injuries that hold you back.

Proudest achievements?

Being a fully trained paratrooper before being able to get served in a pub.
What's next?

Re-qualify for the 2020 season with the BPF and see what it brings!

Best lifts

200 Kg squat
205 kg Deadlift
120 kg bench press
517.5 kg competition total

Best comp performances

3rd in category WPU world championships 2016
1st in category WPU European championships 2018


Get an invite and lift at the Professional Powerlifting league (PPL) in India in the next few years and onto the Olympia pro powerlifting as an ultimate goal.

Fave foods: banofee pie
Music: there’s always a disco when I’m in the gym!
Films: Anything by Quentin Tarantino is usually good, but all films are good to watch, even if it’s only once!

Your inspiration?

I get inspiration from being around other motivated people. A big reason we all do so well here is because we all fully support each other no matter what level they are.