Athlete Profile: Dom Eccles

Name: Dom Eccles

Instragram: domeccles_strongman

How did I get into lifting?

I wanted to lose weight and start exercising, my brother was already competing in powerlifting and took me to the gym with him, after that i caught the iron bug!

Best attributes

  • Determination to succeed.
  • Committed to working hard.
  • Known in the gym for very high intensity which others feed upon.
  • I often go above and beyond to help other people in the gym.

Most frustrating thing Ive encountered?


Proudest achievements?

Competing at Englands most powerful man(novice) 2019 & hitting 5 PBs in the same competition

Best lifts

  • 202.5kg Deadlift.
  • 100kg log press .
  • 100kg OHP.
  • 180kg squat.
  • 115kg bench press.
  • 250kg yoke 20m.
  • 100kg farmers 20m.
  • 134kg atlas stone.

Best comp performance

Hit PBs on every event at Englands most powerful man(novice) 2019

Goals (for next year)

Move into inters level competitions & log press 140kg


  • Training with the strongest and most motivated people on the wirral.
  • Helping people who visit the gym who have never touched any strongman equipment before realise what they are capable of.
  • Constantly continuing to make progress with training.