Athlete Profile: Vincent Jones

Name: Vincent Jones

Occupation: Director, Old Time Strength UK Ltd

Instagram: strongmanvinny & oldtimestrengthgym



Q & A


How did you get into Strongman?

In 2012 I made a New Year's resolution to stop being fat & weak so I joined a gym with my name Neil and did the Stronglifts 5x5 programme. After messing around with 5/3/1 and Maddog I started visiting REALLY strong people to learn their methods. I got into Strongman after watching a comp and decided it was for me.

What are your best attributes?

I apply a fairly rational and research based model to my lifting and the routines I set up for others so my attention to detail, ability to read quickly (both words & people) means it sets me up for thinking quickly on the spot about a remedy. I've had a few injuries along the way so have developed a pretty good outlook on how to get things done through adversity.

Most frustrating thing about lifting?

That I took it up too late! If I had been doing this in my 20s I think I'd have managed to tick off my goals. But I've still got years of strength development left and I'm building myself up in the best way I know how. I'll be a late bloomer and that's just fine by me. I've also had a few injuries along the way coupled with some personal difficulties which have stunted my earlier development. Don't mind being a late bloomer.

What is your proudest achievement?

Coaching Kerry to her 7th place at England's Strongest Woman and guiding her to the World's Powerlifting Championships. I also love coaching all of the other people in the gym to strength levels they never thought they would have but in Kerry they have a genuinely world class lifter in the gym (probably the only one we have in terms of weight class) to look up to. Seeing her progress after all she has been through has been my proudest moment when I really examine it.

What's next?

I'll get over this ruptured bicep tendon (oh look another injury) and then I'll get to work on qualifying for England's Strongest Man. If that means waiting until 2021 then so be it. I am in no rush and I know, when on form, I'm not a particularly easy person to beat.

As for the gym members: I want them all hitting their goals this year and beyond.

Business wise: streamline our product offering, improve our white label sales and increase profits to re-invest back into my team.

What is your motto?

There are a few but the main one is "there is always something you can do" - it covers everything in life for me. If injured, train something that isn't injured. If ill, do the bare minimum and you'll often feel better. Feel stressed? Best time to train for me has been under intense stress so never an excuse.

In life, it's worked for everything too. I've always found a way.

Worst Habits?

I overthink. Everything. My brain just works too fast. Good for my job role. But I can tend to look distant from people as I'm always thinking. I never really ask for help either and find it difficult to reach out to people. I'm getting better at recognising where I'm not meeting the grade but I am who I am and I like figuring stuff out on my own.

Best Lifts

  • Squat 260kg
  • Front Squat 210kg
  • Deadlift 320kg
  • Log 150kg
  • Yoke 450kg (20m)

Best Competition Performances

2 x winner of North Wales & Cheshire's Strongest Man (2018 & 2019)

2nd place North Wests Strongest Man (2019)

9th England's Strongest Man Qualifier (2019)

3rd Place Elite Britain's North Strongman (2018)

Winner of England's Most Powerful Man Novices (2013)


I want to win England's Strongest Man and compete in major international competitions. Lofty yes. Achievable? Let's see.