Competition Entry Terms & Conditions

We felt is was important to set out some terms & conditions for signing up to our competitions in order to ensure that we have a fair system in place for what is expected from entrants and what you can expect from us.

Entry Fee

Covers your place, admin fee, card processing fee, t shirt pre-order cost, contribution towards prize fund for all athletes & donation to the Friends of Birkenhead Kennels.

If you sign up and cannot compete due to injury we will be happy to refund this on production of a certified doctors note 28 days before the competition begins. We would encourage you to allow your entry fee as we donate to a good cause. If inside the 28 days, we will allow you to transfer your place to another competition in our calendar.

Any other reason for a refund request due to non-attendance 28 days before the competition will likely result in a transfer of place to another competition in our diary; it is your job to ensure you are free for that day before signing up.

Any cancellations to the competition due to outside reasons will cause a rescheduling of the competition. Your fee will cover the transfer to the next competition you can attend.


We agree to test all equipment before the competition day for safety and before each lift takes place.

If equipment breaks down on the day, this is generally out of our control and while we sometimes have double kit for head to head events we might not always be in a position to match events. We will talk with all athletes in the event of malfunction.

You agree not to deliberately damage equipment due to negligence, anger, frustration which has happened in the past. It's not the kits fault; it would be yours for not being strong enough. Please respect the kit as it is very expensive to replace.


Our refs are experienced. Please listen to their advice. Listen for whistles and instructions at all times. It's for your guidance, health and safety. 

All ref decisions are final excepting a request for a recount via video evidence. This must be given to the ref as soon as reasonably possible but not in the middle of someone else's lifts.

Supportive Equipment

This list is definitive and applies to every competition we run:

1. There are no deadlift suits to be allowed for any event - no exceptions. By signing up to our competitions you agree to a physical check before a relevant event for a deadlift suit underneath your clothing.

2. Triple ply sleeves are permitted to be used. As we do FTOH lifts we feel you are at a disadvantage using triple ply as the clean will be harder so please select your sleeves wisely.

3. All event times are 60 seconds unless otherwise stated.

4. You can use tacky on stones. You must apply and clean off tacky outside the gym in the designated area.

5. You can use chalk. You must apply chalk outside the gym in the designated area.