Since 2017, Old Time Strength Gym has been an outlet for many people seeking to improve their lives using iron, chalk & friendship. By settling meaningful S.M.A.R.T goals our members have been able to learn to manage their mental health, overcome obstacles & challenges in life, make lasting friendships and meet objectives which transfers into their every day life.

The confidence that comes from doing this kind of thing, no matter of your starting ability, has led to people improving their relationships, jobs & physical health.

Mental Health Support

Vincent & Kerry Jones have offered their experience and expertise in mental health for the last 4 years and created an atmosphere which challenges people but is ultimately beneficial for their wellbeing.

Vincent has spoke extensively about his battle with Clinical Depression, BPD, PTSD & historic child abuse. You can find his story on a recent podcast with Ste Nicols.



Kerry has suffered with Clinical Depression & PND and can offer some practical tips and support for women wanting to get back into, or start, lifting post pregnancy. With a Level 3 qualification in Strength & Conditioning (and working towards her Level 4) she has the theoretical & academic credentials to underpin her performances and British, European & World Powerlifting titles & records.

Our members have all suffered with various mental health issues and we have war veterans, ex-military, teenagers, older new starters and the odd drop in... there really is a variety of close knit people all friendly and ready to listen, advise and support.

As we keep our membership base, no-one is forgotten about. Everyone has time for each other. It really is a unique environment.