Sam Keogh Trophy: Merseyside's Strongest Comp 2021 (Sat 18th Dec 2021)

Sam Keogh Trophy: Merseyside's Strongest Comp 2021 (Sat 18th Dec 2021)

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Sam Keogh Trophy Comp

My good friend Sam Keogh passed away last year. He was one of the best people I ever knew. We will run a yearly comp in his name & honour and raise money for kids in the local area to kit themselves out for the gym. This was something we talked about when we used to lift together. A life taken too soon but with a lasting legacy. I would appreciate you coming along and taking part. Thanks, Vin

Comp Events

We are running this comp slightly differently. We have a medley of events which can give you an overall score. It is your ability to either lift heavy or for reps which will determine your placing.

You simply look at the implements in front of you & simply go for it.

This means everyone can compete to the best of their ability and take advantage of that. It also means you get to use some tactics to try and out-think your opponents. It also means everyone has a fair opportunity to stack up points depending on their strength or conditioning level.

You might even decide to go for a PB lift before you rep out something easier! The choices are endless. But choose wisely!

At the end of the scoring, the results will be split between men & women. Every athlete will get a prize from Cerberus for taking part which is now in stock.

Prizes for the top 3 in each male and female category will be also be added on top.

T shirts are being made for all competitors & extra ones can be purchased on the day.


Axle 40kg - 1pt

Log 50kg - 2.5pts

Oly Bar 80kg - 5pts

Axle 110kg - 7.5pts

Log 130kg -12pts


1 minute time limit
Must lock out and wait for down signal
Triple ply sleeves & chalk allowed
Grip shirts allowed


Axle 100kg - 1pt

15" 120kg - 2.5pts

Standard 150kg - 5pts

Axle 220kg - 7.5pts

18" 280kg - 12pts


1 minute time limit
No bouncing reps
Must lock out & wait for good lift call
Straps & chalk allowed
No suits


40kg Sandbag - 5 bonus pts

60kg Sandbag - 10 bonus pts

100kg Sandbag - 20 bonus pts

4x4 Arm over Arm


2 mins time limit
Must lift bags in sequence if you choose to lift them
If you begin car pull, you cannot go back to the bags


40kg - 1pt

60kg - 2.5pts

80kg - 5pts

100kg - 7.5pts

130kg - 12pts


75 seconds time limit
2 stone changes allowed in the time