Liquid Chalk: Keyring

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Old Time Strength Liquid Chalk is an advanced formulation designed to enhance grip. Not only does it enable a stronger grip, but it lasts longer than other weaker formulations and dries much faster.

Some Liquid Chalk products are heavily watered down to reduce costs but this is the ONLY Liquid Chalk actually made in the UK by us in our unit. All others are imported from China or India meaning quality control is out of the window.

We decided to use these very convenient keyring bottles to clip to a bag or belt.

Our products are always the result of hard work, ingenuity and methodical testing.

A strong and reliable grip can enhance performance in a variety of sports and activities, including: Weight lifting, powerlifting, climbing, gymnastics, tennis, squash, badminton, golf, bowling and many other pursuits. Knowing that your grip will not fail provides additional confidence, which can be a key contributor to optimum performance. 

Liquid Chalk is a great alternative to regular chalk blocks, which are not only messy (leaving stains on both equipment and clothing), but can also be unintentionally inhaled. Liquid Chalk presents none of these issues. It dries clear and does not stain equipment and clothing.