Smelling Salts: Menthol 60ml

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Based on a recipe from the olden days with Menthol.

These, at one time, were the only other product you could buy anywhere to deal with head colds and catarrh.

We sell in two variations; a plastic bottle with child proof cap which is very strong and a small glass pharma bottle which is the closest you can find to the olden day bottles sold in pharmacies.

This is a still strong smelling salt and not to be messed with.

For some reasons why you might be interested in this product?

  • We were the FIRST To use a child proof cap.
  • We were the first to use an emulsifier and sealant to prevent spills.
  • We were the first to use an industrial graded company to source our raw materials ETHICALLY. Always check your sources.

Often imitated but this is the original and STILL the BEST!