Smelling Salts: Monster 90ml

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A new monstrous innovation in the world of Smelling Salts

Smelling Salts are fairly common across the strength world now. Before Old TIme Strength there was Nose Tork and that was about it. Since we launches 3 years ago proper, it's been a strange old time where every man, woman and their dog has brought out their own version.

However, since the first time of trialling our own version back in 2015 and then finally launching in 2017 as Old Time Strength, we continue to offer innovation so you KNOW we are different.

Monster Salts

The strength of these salts meant it was not feasible to keep them constrained in a 60ml bottle... we needed more expansion room to feed the beast that keeps giving.

These are truly ridiculous but due to our very innovative technique they are not going to spill anywhere and soak your bag.

So give them a try and raise your lifting experience to new levels!