Old Time's Strongest '22

Old Time's Strongest '22

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Welcome to our comp info page & to a new style of format which was very successful.
These competitions are hosted at Old Time Strength Gym (CH41 1FD) and run by Kerry Jones, owner of Ltd Edition Strength and World, European & British Powerlifting Champion (who occasionally dips into Strongwoman and competed at national level).

The comp setup...

For entry purposes, there are no categories. You lift what you can lift. For some this may mean being more tactical or taps into your strengths better. There is room for every type of competitor from first timers to open level athletes. 

At the end our our comp, our scorekeeper will separate into categories & hand out prizes accordingly to relevant placings in male, female, masters cats & potentially weight class. We feel tis recognises the achievements of everyone on the day.

For signing up you get a Cerberus Competition t-shirt & the chance to win prizes from the Cerberus range of products. At our last comp people earned tacky, straps, wraps, smelling salts, muscle rubs and much more.

Start time will be at 10am unless otherwise informed so please arrive by 9:30am to sign in, collect your tee and be around for a group photo.


Axle 40kg - 1pt

Log 50kg - 2.5pts

Oly Bar 80kg - 5pts

Axle 100kg - 7.5pts

Log 120kg -15pts


90 second time limit
All floor to overhead lifts
Must lock out and wait for down signal
Triple ply sleeves & chalk allowed
Grip shirts allowed



Axle 100kg - 1pt

15" 120kg - 2.5pts

Standard 140kg - 5pts

Axle 200kg - 7.5pts

18" 260kg - 15pts


90 second time limit
No bouncing reps
Must lock out & wait for good lift call (bouncing will result in a no lift call)
Straps & chalk allowed
No suits


40kg Sandbag - 5 bonus pts

60kg Sandbag - 10 bonus pts

100kg Sandbag - 25 bonus pts

into Arm over Arm


2 mins time limit
Must lift bags in sequence if you choose to lift them
If you begin car pull, you cannot go back to the bags
All bags are loaded INTO the vehicle


Stones for Reps over Yoke

40kg - 1pt

65kg - 2.5pts

80kg - 5pts

100kg - 7.5pts

130kg - 15pts


75 seconds time limit
2 stone changes allowed in the time
Tacky & grip shirts allowed