Massage Oil: Original

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For use BEFORE & AFTER training to help provide quick and effective pain relief, ease joint discomfort and help relieve muscle soreness.

The PRE-WORKOUT BENEFITS are to help increase circulation within the joint to help prepare your body.

Our unique product contains essential oils and chemicals such as menthol,camphor oil,eucalyptus oil,clove leaf oil,cinnamon oil & capsicum & our secret blend of chemicals to penetrate the skin layer and get deep into the muscle.


The product comes with a spray attachment so there is no need to rub this in if you choose not to. It will work quicker if you can do this though.

Will work on all areas of the body and especially effective before training in the winter.


May cause irritation if this gets in the eyes; wash with cold water and if symptoms persist contact a medical professional.

Not recommended for use immediately after bathing as the pores are open and prone to heightened sensitivty; use with caution in sensitive areas.