Strongman Seminar - Stones, Log, Yoke, Farmers

Strongman Seminar - Stones, Log, Yoke, Farmers

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Learning new skills such as those found in Strongman training is difficult and can be dangerous.

Old Time Strength Gym has a reputation for putting on well planned, informative sessions with people who actually compete in the sport.

You'll learn all about lifting stones and logs to running with yokes and farmers walks. Not only that but you'll try all of these events and get lots of hints and tips to get an advantage.

We can also give you general training and nutrition advice throughout the day as well as answering any question you have.

We have helped hundreds of people take their first steps into training for Strongman; who knows, you could be the next UK champion with our initial help!

This is what you also get:

  • A FREE training plan for 9 weeks
  • A t shirt
  • A bottle of our famous smelling salts

Pick the date that's good for you and your t shirt size and we'll be looking forward to seeing you soon!

Dates Available:

Sunday 19th June
Sunday 24th July
Sunday 18th Sept
Sunday 9th Oct
Sunday 27th Nov