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We have put together the ultimate all weather tacky package for all strongman/strongwoman competitors. Never be caught out again by the unpredictable climate.

By buying all of these products together, you will make a HUGE saving and you'll also have an advantage by being able to match the tacky to the conditions.


Want a tacky that's easy to get out of the tub in cold weather but still sticks like hellfire?

Ok, this is the tacky for you. Perhaps you're in a cold climate or in a chilly warehouse type gym? Either way, this is a pliable yet very sticky resin based tacky which will meet your needs.


Tacky is usually a little runny and slippery in hot weather. Whether it's a British Heatwave or a hot sunny afternoon in Cyprus where our friend Clint Darden has trialled this product, this is the tacky of choice.

Still pliable in hot weather making it easy to get out of the tub, it is sticky as hell and we know you'll have so much confidence to go for your lifts.


This is the tacky that Tom Stoltman obtained his World Record 273kg Atlas Stone at the Arnolds in 2020! Go where success leaves clues... if you want to be the best, buy the best.

We developed the next generation of stone tacky to support Tom Stoltman's rise the top of the stone lifting game. And it's a banger. He's hit ALL of his records with this exact tacky.

 "No other tacky in the world comes close to this" - Tom Stoltman 2020