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Tacky is usually a little runny and slippery in hot weather. Whether it's a British Heatwave or a hot sunny afternoon in Cyprus where our friend Clint Darden has trialled this product, this is the tacky of choice.

Still pliable in hot weather making it easy to get out of the tub, it is sticky as hell and we know you'll have so much confidence to go for your lifts.


It will not work very well in cold weather climates. We do not recommend it for this purpose. It will still be ok in some situations where you can warm it up but this will be tough to get out of the tub in fair to cold weather. 


  • Reliable and quick service from Old Time Strength who all compete and know how important it is to get the products in time
  • Committed and competing athletes consistently testing this product week in, week out to give you confidence we've got this one right
  • Best of all, our tacky products are supported, promoted & purchased by Tom Stoltman; the world's best stone lifter!
  • If you want to be one of the best, buy the best


Pine Resin WW Grade, Methyl Spirits + our secret ingredient blend (safe to use on skin)