Smelling Salts: Unicorn 60ml

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A new colourful experience in the world of Smelling Salts

Smelling Salts are fairly common across the strength world now. Before Old TIme Strength there was Nose Tork and that was about it. Since we launches 3 years ago proper, it's been a strange old time where every man, woman and their dog has brought out their own version.

However, since the first time of trialling our own version back in 2015 and then finally launching in 2017 as Old Time Strength, we continue to offer innovation so you KNOW we are different.

Unicorn Salts

Most smelling salt brands are bland and boring... time to introduce some colour, fun and magic to your lifting experience with these bubblegum scented smelling salts.

Not as strong due to dilution but, make no mistake, they are not here to look pretty.

Consistently voted a favourite amongst the lifting community. 

These contain some secret ingredients (5 in total) in addition to our 28% ammonia solution and salt combo we use in our other products. You cannot guess them and they cannot be replicated in the same way.

So give them a try and raise your lifting experience to new levels!