Tacky: Unicorn

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This is the most unique tacky product in the world. Based on our Pro Grade, this is a super sticky tacky so don't think it is just a gimmick.

The uniqueness comes from the added glitter to give a little razzle dazzle. Still, a superb tacky not to be taken lightly for its incredible performance in training and competitions. 


  • Reliable and quick service from Old Time Strength who all compete and know how important it is to get the products in time
  • Committed and competing athletes consistently testing this product week in, week out to give you confidence we've got this one right
  • Best of all, our tacky products are supported, promoted & purchased by Tom Stoltman; the world's best stone lifter!
  • If you want to be one of the best, buy the best


Pine Resin WW Grade, Methyl Spirits + our secret ingredient blend (safe to use on skin)